Elisha grew up in Portland, OR. His love for acting was sparked at age 8 during a Shakespeare acting class where he made his debut performance as the limping, villainous Richard III. His initial professional roles were at local Portland theaters, including a co-lead role in the original play 'The Snowstorm' for which he won the prestigious Portland Best Young Performer Drammy Award at the tender age of 10.

Drunk with success, Elisha decided to try his luck in Hollywood and proceeded to squat at his uncle’s condo in (relatively) nearby Calabasas. He started appearing in TV guest roles, including memorable appearances in Grey’s Anatomy and Mr. Robot, and was later cast as a series regular on the ABC comedy Alex, Inc. playing Zach Braff's son. In 2018 he played the protagonist role of season 2 of The Sinner (USA) opposite Bill Pullman and Carrie Coon. More recently you can watch Elisha as the lead on Ramy’s stirring 9/11 episode (playing Young Ramy) on Hulu and as the young Twitch celebrity Pootie Shoe in Rob McElhenney's gaming comedy Mythic Quest on AppleTV+.

Apart from acting Elisha currently enjoys reading, writing fiction and music, playing on his guitar, golfing, programming, and generally pondering the universe.

dramedy comedy
Current Reel
2020, 7 minutes

The Sinner
drama, USA, 2018, 8 episodes

Mr. Robot
drama, USA, 2017

4 Eyes
short indie film, 2017, language advisory

Code Black
family drama, CBS, 2016

Grey's Anatomy
drama, Arabic kid with Arabic accent, ABC, 2015

CSI: Cyber
drama, kid in distress, CBS, 2015

My First Reel!!!

Mythic Quest
comedy, AppleTV+, 2020, 6 episodes, language and spoilers advisory

Alex, Inc.
single-cam comedy, ABC, 2018, 10 episodes

American Vandal S2
mockumentary, Netflix, 2018

Adam Ruins Everything
educational comedy, truTV, 2017

Comedic Multi-Cam Reel
Disney, Nickelodeon, 2015/2016

Ramy (#104, "Strawberries")
dramedy, Hulu, 2019

action/comedy, CBS, 2018

Rizzoli and Isles
dramedy, TNT, 2016

The Librarians
dramedy, "precocious scamp", TNT, 2016

The Sinner
USA Network, 2018

Elisha is a true professional, he’s the real thing. He’s very emotionally intuitive... he is really astonishing.
Carrie Coon

He’s on another level.
Jessica Biel

The 2nd season of @TheSinnerUSA is that rare case of being better than the 1st. Excellent casting & writing. Especially Elisha Henig.
Dana Delany

Financial Times

For young Elisha Henig’s acting chops, no praise is high enough. Creasing the strangely adult heavy brows in his childish face, he projects Julian’s abject terror, confusion and obstinacy with emotional intelligence.


Not every kid could pull off the trick of playing a boy who murders two adults in cold blood, while also making that character sympathetic. But the new star of USA's anthology mystery series is doing just that, making his character simultaneously terrifying and traumatized. Elisha Henig plays Julian on The Sinner Season 2 and the newcomer is definitely turning heads... The young actor is surrounded by a bevy of established veterans, including Bill Pullman, Tracy Letts and of course, the best actor on TV, Carrie Coon.. and yet, the newcomer holds his own against those heavyweights — and then some... It's good that The Sinner showrunner Derek Simonds found such a capable and promising young actor to go toe-to-toe with Coon and Pullman. Judging by his breakout performance on The Sinner, viewers can expect to be seeing Henig on their screens for many years to come.


ELISHA HENIG IS A REVELATION IN ‘THE SINNER’ SEASON 2 OPENER: Henig as young Julian arrests with his big, brown eyes, the fear and terror piercing though making it hard to look away. He makes for a compelling central figure that will propel the show.

Signal Horizon

It is clear showrunner Derek Simonds will be leaning heavily on the young shoulders of Elisha Henig who plays this season's killer, Julian. Julian is so fragile and brittle just the act of speaking feels as if it may break him. Henig's acting is subtle when necessary and chillingly pronounced when required.

Spoiler TV

Elisha Henig is a talent. He's been mesmerizing me ever since the 2nd season began, so perfectly able to strike the balance between that childish vulnerability and those moments where we can see there's something lying underneath.

Film School Rejects

Henig gives an extraordinary performance as the boy, a worthy successor to Biel’s standout work in the similar position.

Hollywood Reporter

Henig is scary and sympathetic and very quiet. You never notice him acting and he's an effective blank canvas.

Ed Bark, Uncle Barky

Henig is already quite an actor as a pre-teen. His scenes with Pullman are both assured and increasingly revealing as they probe each other’s fractured psyches.


With his vacant eyes and lack of affect, Henig is fantastic. I hope after filming he got to go to an amusement park and have tons of ice cream and candy.

Las Vegas Review Journal

But it’s up to young Henig to fill in for Biel’s damaged co-lead, and his Julian seems more than up to the task.


Meanwhile, as a confused kid who can suddenly lose all control, Henig is also very believable.


Henig’s endlessly expressive eyes evince the fear in Julian as his parents collapse and die before him.

Gilbert Speaks

The young, but talented actor, Elisha Henig, is doing a wonderful job of portraying his character as a boy.... Julian’s reaction and inner turmoil is explosive....


Elisha Henig... with his sullen face and sunken eyes is the perfect portrayal of a disastrous childhood. He doesn't fall short even in front of the actors who are leagues ahead of him, as he delivers the 13-year-old puzzled boy through quite a cogent performance.

Rolling Stone

Henig has an unnerving, wide-eyed stillness that serves the early episodes well.

City Beat

The entire cast does a fine job, especially 13-year-old Elisha Henig as the unsettling yet sympathetic Julian.

Spoiler TV

What an unbelievable 13 year old. The love, disappointment and understanding between mother and son is so real and heartbreaking. They say everything they need to say to each other with just their eyes and facial expressions. The always wonderful Carrie Coon and mesmerizing Elisha Henig.

Hulu, 2019

Slant Magazine

Elisha Henig, in one of the better child performances in recent memory, portrays the pubescent Ramy immediately before and after 9/11.

Alex, Inc.
ABC, 2018

[Elisha Henig] is so great — he’s like a savant! I joke with Matt that “Family Ties” was originally a vehicle for Meredith Baxter and Michael J. Fox stole the show, and I keep saying, “This f—ing kid is going to Michael J. Fox me!” He’s so smart and so funny and such a natural, and he came in 13 going on 21, so he can riff.
Zach Braff, Variety

Robert Lloyd, LA Times

...Nicest of all is Elisha Henig as Alex's son Ben, who is introduced trying to get his father's attention at breakfast by telling him, "I met this girl on the internet; her name's Steven and she wants to meet in a van in the woods." An aspiring magician, to Alex's chagrin (only so chagrin may later become delight), he steals scenes pulling streamers from his mouth or producing balls from behind his father's ears. If this show were all about him, I would be all about this show.

AV Club

It’s Elisha Henig who threatens to steal the show as the magic-loving Ben.


Sleeper Star: We like Henig as Ben; he deadpanned a very long Family Guy-esque bit involving pulling a handkerchief out of his mouth as he talks to Alex at bedtime like he’d been doing this kind of stuff for years.

American Vandal
Netflix, 2018


IN PRAISE OF MYLES, ‘AMERICAN VANDAL’ SEASON 2’s MIDDLE SCHOOL SENESTEALER: Elisha Henig, 10-year-old EDM musician and burgeoning tea enthusiast only shows up in a handful of episodes for brief asides, but man oh man does he steal every one of them. American Vandal uses Myles every single time to underline the context the entire Turd Burglar mystery exists in... Every time the show gets too lofty, Myles is one of the comedic characters that comes in and bursts that dramatic bubble. ......While that’s practically it for Myles, Henig steals all of his few scenes. This is the latest moment in a series of Moments for Henig in 2018...Henig’s all over TV in 2018, and hopefully that will continue into 2019.

Mr. Robot
TNT, 2017

Mohammed was brought to life by a phenomenal actor named Elisha Henig. Not only is he a pro and a pleasure to work with, but he has the maturity level of an adult...I would love to see Mohammed again. I hope that happens.
Kor Adana (producer) in the Hollywood Reporter

The Snowstorm
theater, 2015

Richard Wattenberg, The Oregonian

Most Valuable Performer: The entire ensemble is very strong, but especially impressive is young Elisha Henig as Pavel. With a sweet earnestness, he poignantly conveys his desire for his father's love and his growing affection for Anna. Henig moves throughout the play with confidence and a sense of fun. When, in an early scene, he is unexpectedly caught in his father's office, a place from which he has been forbidden, his efforts to escape by crawling "unseen" across the stage are wonderfully charming. In his guise as the courageous fox he delightfully scampers about the stage with an enchanting bravado, challenging the bear, hawk and wolf — each many time his size.

Patrick Brassell, BroadwayWorld.com

Special praise has to go to young Elisha Henig as the boy. This is a tricky play for any performer to pull off, but for one so young to play the emotional moments, handle a large quantity of dialogue, dance with a team of very experienced performers, and never look like a "stage kid" takes a great deal of talent. He is believable and genuine at every moment, and always comes across as a real boy who just wants his father's affection. He too has a smile that will melt your heart.

Oregon Artswatch

Elisha Henig’s irresistible yet not too cute performance as little Pavel would satisfy actors several times his age.

Dennis Sparks, All Things Performing Arts

The young boy who was the son, Henig, should be proud of his achievements, as he was able to match his elders every step of the way in both acting and movement.

Portland Drammy Awards Committee

Focused and engaging every minute, and rising above the rest amid a perfect storm of emotional expression.

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